End of a cycle

The blog isn’t reopening, but tomorrow is a quite remarkable day to point out when it comes to the very reason that started this blog.

I’m returning home.

Today was my last full day in the States.

Emotions and feelings abound. I won’t write them here though.

Suffice to say… I’m feeling somewhat accomplished. It’s done. Soon it will all be past. Just memories.

Here’s to the new challenges ahead!




One week to go to make this blog one year old. I stand firm by what I wrote on that very first post, in some way, not much has changed since January 3rd. Many things happen as I fear them, others are still being played out, others are already in the past. Yet, reading it again, seems as much valid now as it was back then.

The thing is… this was meant to be a anonymous blog, one where I could express my inner thoughts and fears without no one knowing who I was. Sadly, a couple of people I have no interest in, have been reading it. In fact, they seem to be my most prolific readers from what I can access from the blog metrics.

So… yeah. Blog’s over. I don’t want to give access to my soul to them. Go find someone else to laugh off. I’m pretty sure you can still have some good laughs from my archive in this blog. But it ends today.

To the few but honorable and genuine readers I did had following me, thank you for your interest and likes and comments. I also enjoyed reading your blogs, and I will likely keep reading some of you in the future as well.

Here’s to a brighter 2015.


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An empty corridor,
Silent footsteps,
Machine hums,
Door closing,
Birds outside,
Humans inside.
Silence returns,
Distance again,
Solitude is easy,
When all you say’s:
Outside is cold,
Inside is freezing,
Ants running,
from class to class,
While in the sky above,
clouds keep passing,
with laconic indifference.
The vibration is lost,
but not reverbed.
Silent echo.
Humph beat.
Distance bass,
Absorbed by clay.
The muffled sound,
Shatters the ice,
trifling inside.
Hooks every step,
distorted by optics,
averted by spasms,
social stigmata,
is never in phase.
Drowning in sound,
Wave in distress,
just one more vibration,
and all you can hear is



Dark Woods

In to the dark woods we go
pacing in the silence
above the crusty leafs
leaving light behind us
and no longer looking back.
There no one sees you
and you see no one
all goes quiet
when you make a sound.
And truth surrounds you
as close as the danger
no longer in deceit
unhindered by smiles
or smoothed words.
You are who you are.
And there is nothing else.


by Me



!dnuora nruT
Walk ahead…
Make a stop !
Back down
Scratch your head
Don’t drop

Look up!
Look down!
Look around.
Say the words.
You know them true
Walk around
Make a circle
.    .
.      .
.        .
.      .
Come back to
where you started.

Turn around.
Face the facts
hear the music
face the tempo
of your heart
and let it slide
in to the dark.


I often find myself watching plenty of TV-shows these days. Some good, others not so good. But the really good and memorable ones tend to be the ones that make you fall in love for characters that you didn’t actually liked in the first place. Are the ones that make such characters evolve, grow, show a different facet then the one you expected. Those are the shows that sounds believable and credible. Even, if not as happy-ending as you’d expected. Life isn’t so either most of the times. Maybe that’s what I like it about them so much. Their are cruel and inspiring at the same time.

And from time to time they utter sheer poetry out of characters you don’t really expect.


You are brand new.

None of what you were need remain, except what you choose.

Evil is not a thing, it is not a condition.

It is a choice.

You are only what you choose, that alone is what makes you.

Do you know what you choose?

Then hold on to that choice because it’s your salvation.

Do you believe it now?

Are you new?


Free points to anyone who figures out which tv-show it is from.